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Stakeholder Management Software

INX InForm

Simplify the way you manage your company obligations and communications to maintain happy stakeholders and ensure compliance across your workforce.


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Compliance. Communication. Stakeholders.

INX InForm provides the tools to manage obligations, stakeholders, issues and communications in one place. It enables you to better understand and interact with obligations, ISO standards and stakeholders through registers that are designed to profile, capture and record information, documents, points of engagement, and establish action plans and record any compliance breaches.

Compliance & Stakeholder Management Benefits

Observe obligations

Use the obligations register to observe obligations and conditions associated with projects or departments. Each obligation and crucial dates can be categorised by administrators to track various stages each obligation is in.

Capture your engagements

The communications register allows users to record and classify all types of stakeholders engagement, from emails, phone calls, meetings and more.

Schedule and assign tasks

INX InForm allows granted personnel to create, schedule and assign tasks to individuals with set completion dates. When tasks aren’t completed by the deadline, it will be escalated to the relevant manager.

Profile tenements and conditions

With an optional system setting designed to help manage tenement-related obligations, you can record basic tenement profile information and link these to conditions in the obligations register.

Company-wide view

Provide company-wide visibility across stakeholder and obligation performance, with analysis reports on captured information. When you also integrate with INX InControl, you can track condition breaches, incidents and assurance activities.

Deal with issues as they arise

You can record, categorise, investigate and analyse issues to assist in preventing them from repeating in the future.

Enhance your reports

Use powerful reporting and graphing tools to allow granted personnel to extract captured obligation, stakeholder and environmental data to export as shareable files. Enhance your reports by integrating with INX +BI.

Secure and personalised access

Internal and external personnel can be added to the system with various access levels and sensitivity settings.

Improve stakeholder engagement

Support the management of your stakeholders within INX InForm, by establishing stakeholder profiles, create and track tasks, and record your interactions.


InForm Features

INX InForm creates a central register of your company’s most critical obligations and conditions and ensures they’re not forgotten about when staff movements occur or other priority projects are present.

Assign responsible persons to tasks in INX InForm and choose whether the tasks need to be verified. Apply task recurrence through a flexible engine, notifications and escalation rules to ensure tasks are always completed on time keeping your obligation conditions conforment.

Our intuitive software captures communications and sentiment across emails, phone calls and social media, to ensure you understand how your organisation manages and engages with key stakeholders.  INX InForm integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook™ with the InForm Outlook Plugin Tool and ensures history of stakeholder communication is preserved across role turnover.

Through our dashboarding and reporting tools, INX InForm can give you complete visibility of your key stakeholder communication and sentiment as well as upcoming, completed and overdue tasks.

Focus on the tasks that matter most by using our priority grading system and configuring email notifications and escalations based on the task priority.

Find out how you can protect your organisation’s reputation and the planet with INX InForm.

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