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Training Management System

INX InTuition

Reduce your training costs, simplify course management and ensure both your employees and contractors are compliant.


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Training. Skills. Compliance.

INX InTuition is a cloud-based platform that enables you to efficiently manage staff competencies, role-based compliance and audits. It provides business insights through real-time and up-to-date reports.

Training & Compliance Management Benefits

Track progress at all levels

Track compliance and competency levels at individual personnel levels through person profiles as well as at a company level through matrices and reporting tools.

Streamline training needs

Identify individual requirements and learning gaps to create, schedule and complete online and offline training courses.

Simplify course creation

Create custom training courses and match to relevant competencies, compliances and procedures. Upon completion, skill-sets in will be automatically updated per person profile.

Minimise administrative efforts

Manage training of large groups without the complexity of spreadsheets and disparate systems. INX InTuition ensures all your training can be managed in one place.

Posses real-time visibility

Use the Skills, Capability and Needs Matrices to assess training needs across your workforce and schedule required training on one screen.

Painless reports

Use our pre-built reports and graphs or create your own with the ad-hoc reports and graphs tools to satisfy your reporting needs.

Assess role security

Use the role status tool to assess the suitability of existing or new employees for their role based on the skills required.

Cover your organisation legally

Support the safety culture in your organisation. With an effective safety system in place, you can focus your energy on creating new policies and processes to reduce risks and mitigate incidents.

Upskill your team with custom training schedules

Reduce training costs, simplify course management and ensure your employees and contractors remain compliant.


InTuition Features

INX InTuition allows you to perform a learning needs analysis identify the specific learning requirements within your company, sections or for individuals.

Course training events and room bookings can be scheduled, with nominated attendees based on course and room capacity.

Our intelligent software enables the definition of your own training courses, ensuring your training is always relevant and monitors your employee competency based on real-world requirements of your workforce.

INX InTuition increases accountability with our intelligent automated course enrolments, reminders and personalised calendars.

Tailor your learning experience to align with requirements based on the roles within your workforce. Define relationships between your compliances and competencies to represent equivalencies, exceedances, and pre-requisites.

We offer an integration with a world-class learning management solution, Moodle, which offers new features, better functionality and improved security.

Contractors and employees are automatically enrolled into online Moodle LMS courses based on their role requirements. Completion of online Moodle courses automatically award worker’s profiles in InTuition.

Defined procedures and latest revisions are automatically available in Moodle LMS for review.

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